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About PerfectChat

There is a constantly growing need for online customer service automation. Many think the solution is a chatbot. According to statistics 73% are more satisfied with live chat. No wonder since a 2017 survey revealed 70% of the chatbot answers can be wrong.

The following comparison shows why hybrid chat is the most effective choice of chat applications on the market.

Chat comparison

How does PerfectChat work?

  • Utilizing artificial intelligence, the system continuously learns from the operators’ responses and builds its knowledge base from the questions received
  • PerfectChat learns from day one without any pre-training
  • It provides answer hints for the operators using its knowledge base.
    Thanks to the supervision of the live operators the possibility of wrong answers is excluded
  • By using system suggested hints time spent on client management is significantly reduced
  • Answer hints will turn into fully automatic answers over time
  • Time saved is money saved for both the customer and the company
  • Customers will be satisfied with your balanced and fast service
  • As a result your revenue is growing as visitors become customers
  • Monotony is reduced in everyday tasks, making employees more motivated

Further modular possibilities

  • Integration with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ServiceNow, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Liveperson,
  • It can be easily integrated into any other system over API
  • Possibility of Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech integration
  • The recognition of customer-fitted communication style
  • Automated building of best practice communication schema
  • Translation feature can be implemented
  • Indirect, early stage measurement of customer satisfaction
  • Script based, goal driven communication management

Who should use PerfectChat?

Online customer service teams


Authorized service centers

Virtual reception services

Interactive assistance for form filling

Internal helpdesks

Interactive Search applications

Online education services

Website owners

Just one click away from saving time and money with PerfectChat! Ask for your personalized offer or book a date for a free demo!

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