Utilizing artificial intelligence for more efficient and faster customer service!

As far as customers are concerned, out of a 100 people


say they prefer the chat communication over other platforms


are more inclined to purchase when they receive a chat support


claim that they have purchased thanks to chat support


customers feel satisfied when they are supported by online chat

Find out how to optimize the operation of your online customer support service

PerfectChat is a hybrid chat application providing state-of-the-art automated and efficient customer services thanks to the self-developed artificial intelligence.

It is language independent, self-learning and proactive which enables online customer service teams to dramatically reduce their operational costs starting on day one!

Interested in how to achieve 70% operational cost savings?

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What do you get with PerfectChat?

Time is money

Optimizes customer service related costs

Growing business

A satisfied customer becomes a buyer

Increased value

Continuously and automatically built knowledge base

Reduced fluctuation

More motivated employees with less monotonous work

Constant quality

Thanks to the automation, the level of quality is always consistent

Wrong answers excluded

Each action is supervised by the operator whose experiences are also learned by the system

How much does it cost?

Instead of ever growing costs and customer complaints PrefectChat provides savings.

Have you ever calculated

  • how much does it cost to spend your employees’ valuable time on re-answering repetitive questions?
  • how much time is wasted building your FAQ knowledge base?
  • how much did the customer cost that came to your website through an advertisement and then disappeared?
  • how many customers did you lose because they did not have a quick help on their request?

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